14 Tips for Your REI Digital Transformation

While technology has reshaped how most organisations do business, the real estate industry has for long remained a stranger to technology. With digital disruption approaching all kinds of industries, the real estate as a business today has changed too – and it isn’t just for the buyer’s side.

Investors too can benefit from the digital tools and strategies on offer and make their lives easier and better. So, what do you do if you are looking to digitally transform your real estate business? What are the technologies that you need, and how can you go about it? This guide talks about the REI (real estate investor) digital transformation, and how you can make a successful one easily.

The Top Technologies That the Real Estate Investor Can Use

Listed below are some technologies that have helped real estate investors make fantastic progress. Also, note when I say Real Estate Investors I also mean me.   To provide full transparency, I have active memberships with each of the companies mentioned below.  My intent as an affiliate member is to: 1) Ensure the Technology is maintained and iterative enhancements released; 2) Each Company has a healthy subscriber list, to ensure the company’s longevity; 3) Subsidise my own Membership costs, and 4) Only ever recommend Technologies I use myself.   Enough about me, let’s see how we can digitise you!

Real Estate Investor Digital Transformation with Big Data

Traditionally, real estate investors only made such decisions looking at deals that seemed hot at that time and the current economic situation. But the fact is that several markets had shown a surge during the worst of times and some markets had even gone down the spiral, also when the economy was booming.

No need to rely on your network and real estate agents while investing in a real estate property for flipping or leasing or any such activity. Big Data Analytics is changing the way we do practically everything. We don’t have to stress ourselves anymore about finding a property dealer who won’t make a fool out of us.

Housing Alerts is one such tool which I have personally used. It provides projections on average cash on cash return of the neighbourhood, it’s rental income, occupancy etc.

Big Data has essentially brought a lot of transparency to the real estate industry. Be it owners, lenders, brokers or investors – everyone is benefitting by partnering with Big Data.

Investors can now make better-informed decisions by crunching numbers available from public and private data sources. Without the use of Big Data, they were only reliant on unprocessed data, which never gave utterly accurate results.

Housing Alerts to Help Stay in the Loop at All Times

Housing Alerts offers real estate trend forecasts.

Big Data applications from Housing Alerts have brought about a turn by processing such data obtained from geographical information, census outputs, and the catalogues of property sales, as well as added transparency to this business by providing insights into the buying patterns of customers. The data obtained can be utilised by real estate investors to decide which property to buy, and the ones to avoid. That’s not all – the data is also helpful in designing homes.

Identifying trends is critical when it comes to online real estate investments. An investor must be aware of future risks and future values of properties. It has served as a guide to the real estate investor who can decide how to manage their property most effectively. They can make calculations as to what factors will help them increase returns because of the real-time forecast of trends in the industry. It does save a lot of costs and improves the efficiency of operations.

The insights obtained from Housing Alerts help Investors buy the best property

When investors can predict trends using predictive analytics they can buy the best properties that hold the most value for the future and are also able to predict what would be the best design to take forward. It also helps them conclude what kind of tenants they should be targeting and whether the tenants will be able to maintain positive cash flow.

Housing Alerts offers real estate investors like me, a detailed picture of what the market is going to look like. This gives them complete and accurate data which they can filter to suit their requirements and gain a competitive advantage in the market which they want to target. It can help them devise an optimal strategy for making investments based on a particular location. As well as added ease to investments although real estate is still a very volatile arena and highly complicated.

Pricing and Analytics Tools for Growing your Online Real Estate Business

Considering the volatile nature of real estate markets, investors often end up in situations where they buy a property only to find that in a short period, its value has depreciated.

Another challenge that real estate investors face is deciding the pricing. They must tag a price that brings them good returns and at the same time should not be so high that it drives buyers away. The same applies when they are purchasing a property. Pricing and Analytics tools from rehab valuators are the answer to every online real estate investor’s pricing woes.

Save your precious time with Rehab Valuator

To be honest, nobody has the luxury of time on their side today – unless you’ve left it all and gone to the countryside. In the business of real estate investments, timing is everything – you need to know how to play it right.

When there are good deals on the market, they sell like hotcakes – and it’s only if you can spot them quick that you can tell your customers about it. Real Estate Investors cannot wait around for an agent or someone else to say to them about a good deal and why exactly it is good.

If you wait around calculating and weighing all the data, you will probably have lost precious time, and that will have cost you the deal. Rehab Valuator has given investors like me tools that have made it possible for me to find, evaluate, analyse and make an offer on a lucrative deal.

Investor Friendly Tools

With the tools that Rehab Valuator has empowered me with, not only have I been able to save time, I have also been able to keep a lot of money by not overpaying and have also been able to get better returns. Whenever I want to make a deal, I know exactly what kind of profit this investment will bring me because the tool provides investors with all costs involved in financing, partner splits, and exit strategies, easily.

When you want to flip your property, it gives you the right marketing tools to use, which you can make into a point and click presentations for marketing within seconds. Investors can now sell their deals faster and for more money. The tools also help us find lenders and raise money for your real estate projects with their flexible financing options.

Make Use of unbiased data and opinions with Rehab Valuator

The tools provide you with some great data which gives you a complete picture of the market. They are also easy to use as they are all automated and come with great mobility. You can access all the features from any device, anytime. You do not have to be confined to your office anymore and never miss out on any deal just because you were not sitting in front of your office computer.

Stay updated with all price drops, seller types, etc. Make quick assessments on properties and make your investment decision with these tools.

Inbound Marketing Systems to Get your Real Estate property the right exposure

With the world rapidly going digital, everything happens online. If your business is not online, your business cannot exist. Motivated sellers are quickly on the lookout for someone who will buy their property, and they are doing it online. This is the place where you generate leads – leads without which, your online real estate business isn’t going anywhere.

Inbound Marketing is one of the most effective techniques for generating leads for your online real estate business. Inbound Marketing helps you attract potential buyers and sellers and essentially directs them to reach out to you. It is a passive technique of drawing business. These are techniques that help you develop clear strategies using SEO tools that will help optimise your site with targeted keywords and helps take your site to page 1 of Google’s search results. Not only that, but it also improves your site gain visibility and drives traffic to your website.

Utilise some of the best Inbound Marketing Systems created by Investor Carrot

One tool that has been a life saver for me is Investor Carrot. Several Online Real Estate Investors like me have benefitted from the leads generated for their real estate business by Investor Carrot and have witnessed tremendous growth in the leads they were able to produce, converting their investments into solid returns. They have built an industry-leading Conversion Methodology which they integrate into every website they create. They also keep testing their systems and upgrade them regularly so that the performance of your lead generation website will keep improving.

These tools help your site rank higher and market in smarter ways. The reason why On Carrot has been able to figuratively control page 1 rankings on Google is their strategy which relies on inbound marketing tools that generate leads and the exclusive training they provide to their members for marketing strategies. Whenever I have had a question, I have had them in my corner, and they have always had my back.

Create Mobile-friendly Websites with Investor Carrot

With a fast-progressive world where everyone is always on the move and yet wants to stay updated with everything happening around them, Investor Carrot creates websites that are friendly for every kind of portable device. They create sleek interfaces that look, as well as operate, with great efficiency on mobile devices and do not waste any load time. The team uses very secure infrastructure for their enterprise applications. They take care that there is no downtime and put a lot of work into maintenance, hosting and recovering.

The websites are equipped with integrated tools like instant text, email and message notifications about leads which make everything possible on the go.

Jumpstart The Online Marketing of your Real Estate Business with Investor Carrot

Investor Carrot provides all kind of marketing strategies to take your website to the top, no matter if you are a new entry in the business or have been here for a while. It has made the lives of so many investors so much easier. Considering that it may sound all technology and marketing to someone coming from a real estate background, it actually provides a hassle-free experience.

If you ever find yourself struggling with the competition, Investor Carrot will help you find more deals with their marketing strategies. Find motivated sellers and buyers off-market with the tools that Investor Carrot has to offer you.

Investor Carrot provides a simple property Listing Engine that helps you sell your properties faster.

You can also build a buyer list with a more powerful cash property. If you are into renting, you can find tenants and fill your rented spaces faster. All of this is done by adding more credibility to your brand which is achieved by strategies created from extensive research.  Could I have done that kind of extensive research on my own? I don’t think I would have the time or that level of deep understanding of what I should be doing, or in which direction I should be headed; so basically, Investor Carrot served to me on a silver platter that helped me grow my online real estate Business and get the right bang for my buck.

Investor Carrot has empowered me with a powerful lead engine page, a website that is fully customizable, responsive and has all the features even on a mobile. It also has capabilities for social media and blogging. And I can’t say enough about the training and support that they provide along the way.  Amazing.

Social Networking and Must Have Apps for your Online Real Estate Business

When it comes to investments, a significant focus area for the millennials is the real estate market. They represent 68 per cent of today’s first-time buyers. When it comes to the generation of millennials, they are the nomads of the digital land and want instant access to everything. Even when it comes to real estate, they want information on the go. That said, it is also a fact that the real estate market has been a little slow in embracing technology.

Until a few years ago, social media did not even exist for real estate agents. But with the entry of millennials, that is no longer an option. The millennials expect everything to have a social media presence. If a business is not on social media, then it practically does not exist for them, neither do they find it credible.

Surveys also show that the significant chunk of the home buyers is the people who are the most active Facebook users. This calls for real estate professionals to give social media some serious thought. Luckily, it isn’t rocket science.

Improve your real estate connections with Connected Investors

There are several social media websites out there. Not everything can work for every kind of business. For example, if your business is in retail fashion, then you probably have no business being on LinkedIn. Connected Investor is a platform that helps you make the right connections in your industry. Needless to say, it is how vital connections are made in the world of real estate.

Without connections, it is like being stranded on a secluded island. Relationships are necessary for your deals to happen. If you want to improve your net worth as a real estate agent, you need to have a robust network. The advantage with Connected Investors is that they provide you with a real estate investing community for each and every city so that you will be able to connect with investors and professionals of your choice.

I have been able to grow my real estate business with Connected Investors who helped me expand my network far beyond what I initially thought was possible. I made connections inside the community and gradually my profits started increasing.

Upscale your real estate investments with Connected Investors

Connected Investors have a crowdfunding portal where you can find investment properties in bulk packages. You can also choose from several local investment properties, making your searches much easier. Just select the ones you need, and you can be done in minutes – no need to search for the right properties for hours – you’ve got it all in front of you.

Apps for Investors

We have a complete app savvy generation today that demands portability. They want access to things on the go, and they want super-fast apps to do the work for them. Connected Investors also offers investment apps that are suitable for mobile as well as desktop use. They are simple to use and help solve many of the problems that a real estate investor encounters.

These apps help them make optimal use of resources. By simplifying their tasks and streamlining their activities, they have now become central to their productivity. The best part is the freedom and the ease of access they bring.

There are several good ones out there – so you may just want to head off to the app store to see which ones you would like – it’s an excellent way to know if there is any new property up for sale in your neighbourhood.

I have no clue how many times I have sat back at my home and let the app do the number crunching for me, find me hot deals, helped me generate leads, raise capital and so much more.

With my life becoming so much easier, I now have the luxury to solve my day-to-day challenges and make money with ease.

It is, in fact, the first app that was built for real estate investors and I have been enjoying it as a complete blessing.

Connected Investors has genuinely come to the aid of real estate investors for raising funding, finding new projects for flip investors and matching us with prospective buyers. In case you are wondering how much you will need to shell out to avail all these features, the answer is that there are no fees nor any commission involved. Just sign up and get connected with potential investors for free.

Making the Right Moves as a Real Estate Investor?

No matter what level of Digital Maturity you and your business are at, I would highly recommend joining Connected Investor for free, build your network and then get access to multiple time-saving Apps as required.

Also for those who like making decisions based on Statistics and Data (like me), I also endorse using Housing Alerts (Free).  Market trends are so volatile and ensuring you understand your markets before you purchase is a high priority requirement.  You need to provide your decisions are calculated, and you minimise your risk position.  It frustrates me when I hear sad news stories, even though I feel for people losing money (and often it’s their life savings), proper Due Diligence is non-negotiable.  Decisions based on facts, not emotions are a must.  Watching the news on TV or getting a tip from friends, is often old information and often is the cause of bad investments.

Both Investor Carrot (Free Resources) and RehabValuator (Free) are great, however, start with the above recommendations and onboard technology when you are ready.  Worried about how you can go about it all? Don’t worry – I can help you.

Your first step is formulating a Digital Transformation Strategy and Plan; the next step is taking action.  I’ve always been a believer of one change a day, keeps the doctor away.

P.s. You might be able to tell I just made that up, however, if you can do one little change a day, after a year you have complete 365 things, that’s a big list to complete in a weekend, however, in bite-size chunks it is very achievable. Like all things in life, consistency is critical, have a plan and stick to it.

It’s time the grab the digital bull by the horns and gets in touch now! Don’t leave it to be long or it will become one of those things you should have done but didn’t. 🙂


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